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How Do You Get The Tree Down?

There are several methods that Atlanta Arbor uses to remove a tree. The most commonly used and practiced method in the industry is climbing the tree then using a roping and rigging system to bring the tree down in small pieces. Once on the ground, it will either be hand carried or removed by bobcat or dingo off of the property. A second way would be with a bucket truck. This allows us to pull up to the tree, when we are able to, and with a man in the bucket he is lifted up into the tree where he proceeds to cut the tree piece-by-piece down to the ground without having to climb. The third method is by crane. Now, the crane is normally only brought in for extremely hazardous or difficult trees that we feel warrant its use. Crane jobs are not the most common practiced, but they do provide for an extremely safe and efficient way to remove very large or very dead trees from your yard.

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