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Winter is the Best Time for Tree Trimming

Atlanta Arbor Tree Care Specialist, LLC

The majority of people spend most of their time in the yard during the spring and summer months when the temperatures are warmer, the sun is out and the weather is just all around pleasant and it’s nice outside. Surprisingly, though, the best time of year to trim and prune your trees is actually during the colder winter months. Tree trimming has a lot of variables that factor into doing it correctly such as proper cutting techniques, how to climb the tree, when to trim, how much to trim, etc. But one of the largest factors is actually timing. Timing is everything. Trimming during the spring and summer can cause your trees to “bleed” as well as cause them to overexert themselves when their energy reserve is at its lowest. Spring and summer tree trimming can actually invite in different types of fungi as well as insects that can end up damaging your trees. Oaks are especially vulnerable from April to July; during these months if you do major trimming you can actually spread oak wilt, pruning can invite sap beetles that transfer the oak wilt and infect healthy trees. Your tree care specialist should be there to inform of you of these different nuances that you cannot be expected to know. Trees are one of the most important fixtures outside of your house and deserve to be taken care of by professionals. You need someone to tell you the important facts that you need to know.

If you are looking to raise the canopy on your trees to give your yard a better look for the spring or just trim some of those limbs away from the roof, now is the perfect time to do so. When trimming your trees properly all trees should be trimmed spike-less to cut down on the likelihood of damaging the tree. You should also never allow for a tree service to trim too much of the tree because this can cause the tree to die. Do not ever let anyone top your trees; this is a BIG mistake and an antiquated methodology that is more harmful than anything.  Call us today to have one of our trained tree care specialists provide you with a free consultation on trimming and pruning your trees.
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