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Clarkston Tree Ordinance

Clarkston Tree Ordinance – Within The City Limits

Permit Required: Yes

Natural tree cover and vegetation shall be preserved and/or replaced with suitable vegetation. In Clarkston, all existing, healthy hardwood or softwood trees with a caliper of two or more inches at a point three free above the ground shall be retained whenever feasible. According to the Clarkson Tree Ordinance, if this is not feasible, then the tree must be replaced.

Specimen trees:

Minimum of 1 overstay and 1 understory tree is required per 500 feet. For a full list of allowable trees, please visit the City of Clarkson’s Ordinance page.


Except as required to meet specific community design policies for the various areas of Clarkston, trees should be planted in areas of the site to enhance the overall project design to provide such amenities as aesthetics, natural resource preservation, energy conservation and more. These planted trees must also be protected from new construction, grading, and other contractor operations.

Certified Arborist letter required. Tree service must have a business license and insurance certificate on file.

Fee: $250 Per Site Plan Review

No application shall be deemed accepted and filed until all required forms have been completed and all required materials have been submitted, including fees. The date an application is complete and hence accepted and filed shall be noted on the application form by the city planner or another designee as appointed by the city manager. Any subsequent deadlines tied to the date of application shall begin to run as of said date.


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