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Holly Springs Tree Ordinance

Permit Required: Yes

Specifics: For more information, please view this document.

  • A tree permit is required for the removal of all trees that are alive.
  • A tree removal permit is not required for dead trees or trees that have already fallen. It is recommended to take photos of these trees for your records.
  • Replacement trees may be required

Specimen Tree:

Any tree which qualifies for special consideration for preservation due to its size, type, condition, location or historical significance.

  • Pine Trees: 30-inch (30′′) diameter or larger.
  • Overstory Trees: 24-inch (24′′) diameter or larger.
  • Understory Trees: 8-inch (8′′) diameter or larger. Fee : For 6+ tree with 8-inch or larger diameter during any calendar year a $50 fee will apply

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