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Johns Creek Tree Ordinance

Permit Required:

Trees may be removed from properties without City permission as long as they are not specimen trees and are not located in the City’s four Tree Protected Areas:

1. The River Corridor
2. A Stream Buffer
3. A Zoning Buffer

4. A Required Landscape Strip or Landscape Parking Island

Specimen Trees:

  • Large Hardwoods – 27’’ DBH such as Oaks, Hickory, Yellow Poplar, Sweetgum, etc;
  • Large Hardwoods – 24’’ DBH such as a Beech;
  • Large Softwoods – 24’’ DBH such as Pine, Deodar Cedar;
  • Small Native Flowering – 10’’ DBH such as Dogwood, Redbud, and Sourwood.

Fee: None

Contact Information:

Yang Chen
Deputy Director

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