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Marietta Square: The Historic Heart of Marietta, GA

Marietta Square, also known as Glover Park, is the historic and cultural centerpiece of Marietta, GA. This charming and vibrant square is steeped in history, dating back to the 1830s, and serves as a hub for community life, tourism, and local business. Learn information about Marietta, GA.

The square is a living testament to the past, with its well-preserved 19th-century buildings. But it’s not just a relic. It’s a thriving, modern space, housing a variety of shops, restaurants, galleries, and offices. This unique blend of historical architecture and modern amenities creates an atmosphere that is both familiar and intriguing, drawing in both locals and visitors. Discover facts about Marietta Cobb Museum of Art: A Cultural Gem in Marietta, GA.

Marietta Square: The Historic Heart of Marietta, GA

Marietta Square is known for its lively events and festivals that draw crowds year-round. The Marietta Square Farmers Market, held every Saturday, offers fresh produce, artisanal goods, and local crafts, making it a popular destination for residents and visitors. The annual Marietta Art in the Park, Taste of Marietta, and the Marietta StreetFest are just a few events celebrating local culture, arts, and cuisine.

The square also plays a significant role in preserving the city’s history. The Marietta Museum of History, located nearby, offers exhibits that chronicle the area’s rich heritage. Additionally, the historic Strand Theatre, a restored 1935 movie house, now serves as a venue for live performances and film screenings, adding to the square’s cultural vibrancy.

With its blend of historic charm, cultural activities, and community events, Marietta Square is a beloved destination that captures the essence of Marietta, GA. It offers a welcoming space where history, culture, and modern life converge, making it a must-visit location for anyone exploring the region.