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Milton Tree Ordinance

Milton Tree Ordinance – Within City Limits

Permit Required: Yes


Approval from the City Arborist is required to remove any Protected Tree. A Protected Tree is any tree 15” DBH (diameter at breast height) or greater. A completed tree removal permit application may be submitted by email to arborist@cityofmiltonga.us or in person at: Milton City Hall 2006 Heritage Walk Milton, GA 30004

Specimen Tree: A specimen tree is any healthy tree, documented by a certified arborist and verified by the city arborist, which meets at least one of the following criteria for size:

  • Hardwood trees with a minimum DBH of 24 inches for a tree in the large or medium mature tree height class (very wide or wide canopy); or Any tree with a minimum DBH of eight inches for a tree in the small mature tree height class (narrow or very narrow canopy); or

  • Pine trees (Pinus spp.), Sweetgums (Liquidambar styraciflua), and Tulip-Poplars (Liriodendron tulipifera) with a minimum DBH of 27 inches regardless of mature tree height class.

  • If removal of a specimen tree is approved, replacement requirements shall be 150 percent of the square feet of tree canopy cover removed.

  • All specimen trees successfully conserved and protected to meet tree canopy cover requirements shall be given 25 percent additional tree canopy cover credit over the actual measured canopy square footage or the standard credit as assigned by the tree species list.


There is a $25 application fee per healthy tree removed with a maximum fee of $150. The fee does not apply to dead or unhealthy trees.

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