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Milton Tree Ordinance

Milton Tree Ordinance – Within City Limits

Permit Required: Yes

Diameter-at-breast-height (DBH) is the standard measure of tree size, (free trees existing on site) and is a tree trunk diameter measured in inches at a height of four and one-half feet above the ground.

Permit Requirements For Specimen Trees:

Specimen trees require special consideration and encouragement for preservation according to the City of Milton Tree Ordinance. Specimen trees are identified with qualities as age, size, species or historic relevance must undergo a survey process to ensure their safety. It is important to understand that any and all healthy specimen trees must be compensated for under an arborist’s authority. The City of Milton clearly states that “size alone will determine whether a tree was of specimen quality if the tree was removed without proper approval and there is no evidence of its condition. If a tree has been removed illegally and diameter cannot be determined, the DBH will be determined by the diameter of the existing stump. To understand the specific details of for removing a specimen tree, please see Section 60-48 – Specimen removal and recompense calculations in the City of Milton Ordinances.

Special Circumstances:

  • Emergency tree removal.
  • Pruning or removal of trees within the right-of-way by utility companies for maintenance or utility wires or pipelines and the pruning of trees within sight easements.
  • Land identified as necessary for agricultural purposes for the duration of use.
  • Commercial nurseries or tree farms.
  • Trees directed to be removed by municipal, county, state or federal authority pursuant to law.
  • Trees that are determined by the city of an arborist to be dead, diseased, or hazardous.

Fee: No


Community Development Department

City Arborist: Mark Law



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