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Powder Springs Tree Ordinance

City of Powder Springs Tree Removal Permit And Ordinance

Permit Required: No, not if requirements are met


1. Canopy coverage outlined below. If you are not able to determine the canopy coverage please fill out the application and supporting documentation and the City will be happy to assist you.

2. Specimen trees are not being removed without replacement. If a specimen tree/s has to be removed replacement will be required twice the actual tree canopy of the specimen tree that was removed or twice the tree canopy at maturity.

Specimen Tree:

DBH greater than 24 inches for hardwoods: oak, maple, hickory, poplar, ash, etc.
DBH greater than 30 inches for softwoods: pine, cedar, spruce, etc.


If removing 10 trees or more a land disturbance permit will be required. The cost will be $150. For more information please visit their website .

Contact Information:

Shauna Wilson-Edwards
Special Projects Coordinator for Zoning
770-943-8001 ext. 543

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