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Roswell Tree Ordinance

Permit Required: Yes


The city is keen on protecting the environment and the city’s tree canopy. They, therefore, require you to obtain a written permit before any tree removal process. This is as per Roswell tree removal regulations . You also need a permit to cut specimen trees or any trees larger than 3 inches in diameterHowever, you do not require a permit to remove dead trees or damaged trees growing on your property. You have to notify the city arborist and present appropriate evidence before removing the dead tree.

Specimen Trees:

is any tree, in fair or better condition, which qualifies for special consideration for preservation due to size, species, or condition, and which meets the following DBH:

  • 08” DBH – Small trees (dogwood, sourwood, cherry, etc.)
  • 16” DBH – Mid-story trees (maple, birch, magnolia, holly, etc.)
  • 20” DBH – Overstory hardwoods (oak, hickory, sweet gum, ash, etc.)
  • 30” DBH – Overstory softwoods (pine, etc.)

Fees: $25 for all applicants

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