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Tucker Tree Ordinance

Permit Required: Yes


  • If you are cutting down more than five (5), non-specimen, trees in a calendar year
  • If you are cutting down a healthy specimen tree
  • Standards for the identification, preservation, and protection of specimen trees shall be as follows: Any tree in fair or better condition which equals or exceeds the following diameter sizes: Specimen Tree :
  • Large hardwoods, i.e., oaks, hickories, yellow poplars, and similar species: 30 inches DBH.
  • Large softwoods, e.g., pines, evergreens, and similar species: 30 inches DBH.
  • Small trees, e.g., dogwoods, redbuds, sourwoods, and similar species: 10 inches DBH

Fee: None

Contact Information:

Email: SMaalouf@tuckerga.gov

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