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Woodstock Tree Ordinance

Permit Required: Yes

Specifics: Trees less than 3’’ DBH do not require a permit to remove.

Specimen Tree:

  • 24’’ + Hardwoods: Oak, Beech, Ash, Blackgum, sycamore, Hickory, Maple (does not include Silver Maple), Pecan, Walnut, Magnolia (does not include Bigleaf Magnolia), Persimmon, Sourwood, Cedar, Cypress or Redwood.
  • 30’’ + Softwoods: Tulip Poplar, Sweetgum, River Birch, Silver Maple or Pine.
  • 12” + Understory/Flowering: American Holly, Dogwood, Redbud or other genus as determined by the city Arborist such as Bigleaf Magnolia

Fee : None

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