Atlanta Arbor Tree Care Specialist, LLC


Atlanta Arbor Tree Care Specialist, LLC
Atlanta Arbor Tree Care Specialist, LLC

After working for several years with other tree care companies, owner Josh Marotta embarked upon a new venture, launching Atlanta Arbor Tree Care Specialist, LLC. Marotta wanted the ability to spend the essential time to understand each clients’ needs and to preserve the beauty of the landscape without causing unnecessary environmental damage.

Trees are a vital resource for life and sustainability, and we strive to do everything we can to maintain our environment. Since removal is not the only way to treat your tree woes, we pay close attention to detail when inspecting a property to ensure that tree removal is the right service for you and the ecosphere. Our inspection process is simple, with only one question in mind – How is our service going to impact the surrounding environment? We act as the authority and provide our clients with the right information to assist them in making educated decisions.

Atlanta Arbor is a young company, but we are strong in experience and we are making an impact! Armed with industry knowledge, business acumen, professionalism, and attention to details and customer service, our team is excited to continue to change the culture of the tree care industry.

Services That We Provide
  • Tree Removal And Plant Healthcare
  • Tree Trimming And Pruning
  • 24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup
  • Arborist Consultation
  • Tree Healthcare And Fertilization Services
  • Debris Removal And Ground Cover Cleaning
  • Free Mulch Delivery
As part of our services, we uphold the highest standard in customer satisfaction by providing the best possible solutions to each unique situation. Our job is to do it right and to do it well. We wholeheartedly believe in a measure twice, cut once mentality. Meaning, we assess and re-assess each request before moving further with the project. Our goal is to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible while maintaining the earth’s beauty.

Every customer receives a free estimate from Atlanta Arbor. We understand that getting city permits is a frustrating process; that is why we make sure to file any required permits for our customers to offer a peace-of-mind in knowing that they do not have to keep up with the stacks of paperwork.

We want our customers to understand that we are transparent in the decision-making process. Atlanta Arbor will never offer an estimate that is not validated by our company standards, nor will we put ourselves first in regards to sales. We are here to preserve and protect the environment to make the world a better place.

For more information about the services that we provide, please select the Services tab at the top of the screen.
What We Offer

1. Tree Removal

There are situations where tree removal is absolutely necessary. When removal is the case, Atlanta Arbor will evaluate each situation and choose the appropriate way to get your tree to the ground quickly and safely.

2. Tree Trimming

Tree trimming involves intentional cutting off branches to achieve specific results. As your arborist, we will listen to your short-term goals and help coach you through the long-term expectations for your trimming choice.

3. Arborist Consultation

Atlanta Arbor makes it our goal to keep our arborist’s as up to date as we can to be able to give the very best service to our customers. A tree company is only as good as its arborist’s, and certification is only the start.

4.Plant Healthcare

Trees should be inspected yearly. These regular inspections are to detect and diagnose abnormalities and assess overall tree health.

5. Storm Damage

If you have an emergency tree removal caused by storm damage, please call the regular office telephone number immediately, your call will be answered no matter what time of day. We will rush to help now!

6. Green Waste Removal

Not all cities and counties will haul or remove your green waste, but we will. We offer a fast and dependable service for all your green waste removal needs.

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