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Joshua Marotta

Josh loves spending time getting to know each of his clients and understanding what they are looking for in a tree care service provider. He is always mindful of the health of the trees and preserving the beauty of the landscape while ensuring that the needs of his clients are met. Josh and his wife, Molly, have a rambunctious and sweet little girl and a rowdy and loving little boy; they all enjoy spending their time on the lake or in the pool soaking up as much sun and time together as possible.
ISA Certified Arborist #SO-7423A

Bethany Swafford

Office Manager
Beth manages the majority of the daily business operations and internal functions of Atlanta Arbor and has been with the company since opening in 2014. Her focus is on the happiness of clients upon completion of each project, the overall well-being of each member of the Atlanta Arbor family, and the general health of the company. If all of that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she has a pair of high-energy boxer/dane mixes, Finn and Chloe, who eat up all her time and steal the hearts of everyone they meet.

Joshua Correll

Director Plant Health Care
Josh has spent the past 15 years in the tree care industry climbing, working, and preserving Atlanta’s urban forest. As the Director of the Plant Health Care program for Atlanta Arbor, he continues to advance the knowledge and skills in those around him, stressing the importance of proper tree care methods and techniques. You can find Josh camping, hiking or on the lake if he’s not up in a tree.
ISA Certified Arborist #SO-6730A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Jason Kluge

Jason Kluge Fleet Manager at Atlanta Arbor Tree Care
Fleet Manager
Jason Kluge Fleet Manager at Atlanta Arbor Tree Care is a seasoned professional in the tree care industry with nearly 15 years of experience. Starting as a groundsman/driver, he worked his way up to operating equipment and spent five years climbing trees. His hands-on journey has provided a deep understanding of day-to-day operations, ensuring jobs are executed safely and efficiently. With a knack for welding and a passion for fabricating projects, Jason's skills extend to managing and fixing agriculture equipment in his role as fleet manager at Atlanta Arbor Tree Care. Beyond the professional realm, he finds joy in operating equipment for residential grading. In his free time, Jason, along with his family, embraces the outdoors, whether it's camping in the mountains, by the lake, or engaging in activities like hunting and fishing. Jason Kluge embodies a well-rounded individual who brings both expertise and a love for nature to his work and personal life.

Tyrell Phillips

Sales Manager
Ty joined the Atlanta Arbor Team in February 2017 and became the Sales Manager in 2020; he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Horticulture from Unity College in 2005. Ty became a Certified Arborist in 2007 and Tree Risk Assessment Qualified in 2019. During his time in this industry, Ty has been active in every aspect in the field from tree climbing, shrub and ornamental pruning, chemical applications as well as consulting. He has been able to utilize this knowledge to help create the best possible outcome for his clients to meet their goals while keeping in mind the health of the trees and the environment. Ty and his wife have two boys who keep them extremely busy at home.
ISA Certified Arborist #SO-6049A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Kyle Walls

Consulting Arborist
Kyle joined Atlanta Arbor in 2016. Since then, he has formed an understanding of the tree care industry that has enabled him to create many long term relationships with customers who appreciate quality of work and customer service. His attention to the needs of his customers has given him the chance to develop a trustful relationship regarding arboricultural necessities. His confidence in the product that Atlanta Arbor can and does deliver gives his customers a sense of ease not common in the tree industry. He loves spending time with his family, whether it’s losing his voice at his daughter’s cheer competition, or trying to maintain his composure when his son is playing soccer. Any time spent in the woods, on the lake, or on the beach is always a bonus.

Nicholas Montalto

Consulting Arborist
With over a decade in the green industry and as a Certified Arborist, Nick has been trained in all facets of tree care. Starting his career with an education at Georgia Southern and later becoming the lead Horticulturist for campus, he developed a passion for designing and maintaining landscapes that have a lasting impact on the environment. Ornamental and young tree pruning are some of Nick’s favorite aspects of the job and he always loves passing on the knowledge to clients and teammates alike. Having recently moved to the Marietta area with his wife, Molly and their doggo Duchess, Nick and his family are excited to experience the city. When they are not at home, you can always find them somewhere on the water fly fishing and enjoying the outdoors.
ISA Certified Arborist #SO-7205A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Ryan Rutledge

Consulting Arborist
Ryan, a Cobb County native, has been in the tree care industry since 2014. Thorough communication & responsiveness is a key component of his approach to client’s arboricultural needs. When he’s not busy helping clients, Ryan enjoys the outdoors and traveling; usually with his rescue pup by his side, Scout.

Cesar Martinez

Consulting Arborist
Cesar, a dedicated arborist, became part of Atlanta Arbor in 2018. Starting with the crews, he passionately expanded his expertise, achieving ISA Certification as an Arborist with the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification in 2022. Beyond the trees, Cesar finds joy in quality time with his wife and son. Cesar Martinez
ISA Certified Arborist #: GO-0014A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Mark Vaughan

Mark Vaughan New to the Atlanta Arbor Company in 2023, I bring a fresh perspective and a profound love for trees. Armed with a background in arboriculture, I'm passionate about fostering green spaces within urban landscapes. Beyond the canopy, I find joy in the simplicity of pickleball matches and the tranquility of hiking, embodying a balanced approach to both work and play in the world of arboriculture.

Jeff Stucker

Jeff Stucker, our dedicated Administrative Assistant at Atlanta Arbor
Administrative Assistant
Jeff Stucker, our dedicated Administrative Assistant at Atlanta Arbor, may be new to the tree care industry, but his enthusiasm to learn is unmatched. Over the past two years with the company, Jeff has proven himself invaluable in providing administrative support and embracing the intricacies of our field. Outside of work, he finds joy in attending concerts, exploring hiking trails, and experimenting with culinary creations. Jeff brings a fresh perspective and a keen eagerness to contribute to the growth and efficiency of Atlanta Arbor.

John Barone

John Barone, a seasoned professional in the Small Engine Repair Division
Small Engine Tech
John Barone, a seasoned professional in the Small Engine Repair Division, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role of Division Manager. For the past 17 years, John has been a Certified Stihl Technician, demonstrating his commitment to excellence in small engine diagnostics and repair. Prior to his role in small engine repair, he served as an automated valve specialist for notable beverage giants Coke, Pepsi, and Gatorade for five years, showcasing his versatility in mechanical systems. With a solid foundation, John also dedicated 17 years to Dunwoody Ace, where he wore multiple hats. In his last five years, he served as the Warehouse Manager, showcasing his organizational and managerial skills. Specializing in the diagnostics and repair of any small engine, John's technical prowess and attention to detail set the standard for the Small Engine Repair Division. Beyond the workshop, he finds joy in spending quality time with his son Jr. In his leisure moments, John indulges his passion for classic cars, showcasing his hands-on approach to mechanical intricacies. Moreover, he is committed to helping others, embodying a spirit of community service and support. With a rich professional history and a dedication to his craft, John Barone leads the Small Engine Repair Division with a blend of technical acumen, managerial skills, and a genuine passion for assisting others in their small engine needs.

Fabian Andrade

PHC Technician
Fabian Andrade, our PHC Technician at Atlanta Arbor Tree Care, was born on June 1, 1964, in Ecuador. A seasoned Agronomic Engineer since 1993, he earned his title from the Universidad de Cuenca. In the realm of arboriculture, Fabian excels in applying his agronomic knowledge to the care and preservation of trees. His extensive experience includes specialized expertise in chemical applications tailored to tree health. Committed to ensuring the vitality of Atlanta's greenery, Fabian combines his passion for arboriculture with a dedication to environmentally conscious practices. His holistic approach extends from identifying and mitigating pests to implementing strategic nutrient management, contributing to the overall well-being of the urban forest Beyond his professional pursuits, he values family time, enjoys cooking, and cherishes his life partner, wife, and their three children. Additionally, he is a proud grandfather to two grandchildren.