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Arborists Help Realtors with Home Sales

Arborists Help Realtors with Home Sales

Realtors should always contact an arborist to check for dead, dying or hazardous trees to negotiate a better deal at closing for their buyers before putting in your final offer.  By bringing an arborist out to a home for a potential buyer, you will know for sure that your clients are moving into a safe, hazard-free home, inside and out.  No new home buyer would go without having a home inspection, so why would you not want to check the safety and condition of their trees. There are situations where trees can cost thousands of dollars that new home buyers shouldn’t have to incur.  If you happen to have any dead or dying trees, that is something that you can negotiate in the price of the sale or closing just as you would any internal home repairs.  And for the sellers, arborists help Realtors to make the home more inviting and make suggestions on opening up the landscaping to sell and increasing the beauty of the outside of the home with curb appeal.  Make sure that you have all of your bases covered inside and out when it comes to your homebuyers’ needs.

Some basic tips for looking for dead, dying or hazardous trees are to look for roots that have no natural flare, a flattened side of the tree, basal decay, crown decline, small leaves or premature leaf discoloration, increased bore activity and other increases in insect activity.  Not all of these signs may be apparent to an untrained eye; that is what we’re here for as trained professionals in the tree care industry.  We will help to mitigate risks, and inform and educate your clients on potential hazards. The obvious dead trees are easy to spot, it’s the ones with issues listed above that topple over unexpectedly, potentially causing major damage to your home or others.  So if you notice any of the signs of a dead or dying tree, call us today so that we can ensure the safety of your homebuyers new home and that you and your homebuyer are getting the best deal possible.

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