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Climbing High for Tree Removal

Climbing High for Tree Removal

Bring in a Specialist For Your Tree Removal Needs

We were asked to come out to a clients property for a consultation for a potential tree removal. Once we provided our feedback about the hazardous conditions of the trees, it was determined that the homeowner needed to schedule the tree removals. Once we scheduled a time to come back out to the property, we took down some very tall and dangerous pines.

Conquering Trees and Quelling Fears – All in a Day’s Work

As kids, we always want to climb higher and higher in the trees, stretching out just to reach that next limb.  Well, today we made that climb!  The climber was about 120 feet up while cutting down the pine tree.  Obviously he was slightly concerned about climbing a tree that size because of the height, but to remove a tree that size, he had to ascend it.

We conquered the beast today, but the moral of the story is that the longer you wait to take down a dead tree, the more hazardous it becomes for removal – for both your home and family, and the climbers.

Atlanta Arbor specializes in tall, high-risk, hazardous tree removals.  This process from estimate to tree removal is usually very easy and painless and can take as little as a week, depending on your location in the metro Atlanta area. Call us for a free estimate and let us take care of you and your trees.

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