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Marietta Square: A Historic Gem in Georgia

Rich History

Marietta Square, located in the heart of Marietta, Georgia, is a vibrant and historic destination that seamlessly blends the charm of the past with the energy of the present. Established in 1834, Marietta Square is a testament to the city’s rich history, serving as the original town center. Click here for facts about Marietta, GA.

Historic Landmarks

The Square has well-preserved historic landmarks, including the iconic Glover Park and its distinctive Confederate memorial. The Marietta Confederate Cemetery, a solemn resting place for Civil War soldiers, adds a poignant touch to the area’s historical significance. Learn more about William Root House Museum & Garden: A Glimpse into 19th-Century Elegance.

Marietta Square: A Historic Gem in Georgia

Quaint Shops and Dining

Visitors can explore diverse shops and boutiques offering unique treasures, antiques, and local crafts. The Square is also a culinary haven, boasting various restaurants and cafes that cater to every palate. 

Community Events

The Square comes alive with a calendar of yearly community events and festivals. The Marietta Square Artisan Market, Glover Park Concert Series, and the Marietta Square Farmers Market are just a few examples of events that draw locals and tourists alike.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

With its family-friendly atmosphere, Marietta Square is popular for weekend outings and gatherings. The playground in Glover Park and the charming Marietta Museum of History add to the allure, making it an ideal destination for history enthusiasts and families.

Marietta Square stands as a living testament to its enduring legacy, inviting all to step back in time while enjoying its modern amenities.