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Avondale Estates Tree Ordinance

* This is a page created by Atlanta Arbor for informational purposes. If you need tree trimming in Avondale call us, if you need help with a tree ordinance in Avondale, call the city’s number which we have conveniently listed on this page in purple.

Permit Required: Yes


A permit issued by the City of Avondale Estates indicating a property owner has complied with the requirement of this division as they existed at the time that a completed tree permit application with fee was received by the City of Avondale Estates.

Specimen Tree:

  • Hardwood Tree (other than a pine tree) 30-inches + DBH
  • Pine Tree 36-inches+ DBH
  • A Dogwood or Redbud tree 10-inches DBH

Fee: Less than an acre is $95 1-5 acres is $285 Over 5 acres is $95/acre

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