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Brookhaven Tree Ordinance

* This is a page created by Atlanta Arbor for informational purposes. If you need tree trimming in call us, if you need help with a tree ordinance in , call the city’s number which we have conveniently listed on this page in purple.

Brookhaven Tree Ordinance – Within The City Limits

The purpose of the newly-minted Brookhaven Tree Ordinance is to protect the rights of property owners while facilitating and promoting canopy preservation and tree replacement as an integral part of the land development and construction in Brookhaven. The beauty of urban forests provide both economic and ecological benefits to the citizens, city, and community as a whole.

Permit Required: Yes

If you are cutting more than five non-specimen living trees 8″ DBH or more from one property; trees with less than 8″ DBH may be removed from a single-family residential property without a Tree Canopy Reduction Notice as long as a Density Factor of 50 DBH per acre is maintained. (No permit needed for dead/dying trees.) Click here for the City of Brookhaven’s Tree Removal Permit.

Specimen Trees:

  • >=26″ DBH – Hardwood/softwood Trees Including Oak, Beech, Ash, Blackgum, Sycamore, Hickory, Maple, Pecan, Walnut, Persimmon, Sourwood, Cedar, Cypress, Or Redwood
  • >= 30″ DBH -Hardwood Trees Including – Tulip Poplar, Sweet Gum, Magnolia, River Birch, Or Silver Maple
  • >=10″ DBH – Understory Trees Including – American Holly, Dogwood, Redbud, Cherry, Or Another Genus Of Understory Trees Indigenous To The City


A letter from a Certified Arborist with photos, lot size, and identification of remaining trees required. For more information about the specifications of the Tree Ordinance and Tree Preservation and Replacement in Brookhaven, please visit their website.

Fee: No

Need help with Ordinances?
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City of Brookhaven Arborist

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Need help with Ordinances?
Speak with Steven Strickland
City of Brookhaven Arborist
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