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Chamblee Tree Ordinance

* This is a page created by Atlanta Arbor for informational purposes. If you need tree trimming in Chamblee Tree Ordinance call us, if you need help with a tree ordinance in Chamblee Tree Ordinance, call the city’s number which we have conveniently listed on this page in purple.

Chamblee Tree Ordinance – Within The City Limits

Permit Required: YES (With Stipulations)


In order to comply with the Chamblee Tree Ordinance, utility companies, private contractors, outside governments, and individuals must apply for and receive a permit, comply with tree protection and replacement guidelines in order to protect and preserve city properties in any modification of their landscape. Written plans outlining the purpose, proposed operations, and approximate dates shall be submitted to the permits and inspections director for approval.

No person shall deposit, place, store or maintain on any public place of the municipality, any stone, brick, sand, concrete, or other materials which may impede the free passage of water, air, and fertilizer to the roots of any tree growing therein, except by written permit of the permit and inspections department. Please click here for Chamblee’s Tree Removal Application.


(a) The terms and provisions of this article shall apply to any activity on the real property, including any activity which requires the issuance of a building or soil erosion and sedimentation control permit, which affects the following:

  1. The covered area of specimen trees or stands
  2. All undeveloped property;
  3. The yard areas of all developed property;
  4. Public rights-of-way and parks.

(b) Exemptions: The following shall be exempt from compliance with this article:

  1. All privately-owned developed property, including yard areas, designated single-family residential areas by the city zoning ordinance and developed with single-family or two-family residential uses; however, this exemption shall not apply to new structures or expansion of existing structures on designated single-family or two-family residential uses.
  2. Construction and maintenance of public streets, highways, and rights-of-way by local, state, and federal governments and public authorities.
  3. During the period of an emergency, such as a tornado, ice storm, or other act of nature, the requirements of this article may be waived by the city manager or his/her designee.

Fee: Major Development – $300, Minor Development – $150, Hazardous Trees – $150

The removal of Hazardous Trees – The property owner shall obtain a recommendation from an outside consultant stating that the tree in question is indeed hazardous (as defined in this document) and should be removed. The statement shall be accompanied by legal documentation of the qualifications of the outside consultant as one of the following: certified arborist, landscape architect or other horticultural professional. The applicant may also retain the City Tree Consultant to review the tree(s) in question.

Along with the certified recommendation, the applicant shall submit a detailed sketch showing the location of existing structures, paving, driveways, detention areas, etc. within fifty feet (50′) of the hazardous tree(s). Each hazardous tree(s) shall also be shown and labeled on the sketch.

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