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Cobb County Tree Ordinances

* This is a page created by Atlanta Arbor for informational purposes. If you need tree trimming in Cobb County call us, if you need help with a tree ordinance in Cobb County, call the city’s number which we have conveniently listed on this page in purple.

Cobb County Tree Ordinance – Within Unincorporated Cobb

A tree ordinance is a set of regulations adopted by a city or town, aimed at managing and protecting its tree population. In the context of towns in Atlanta, this ordinance typically outlines the policies for tree preservation, removal, and replacement. It ensures that urban development and environmental sustainability coexist harmoniously. Tree ordinances are crucial in maintaining the ecological balance, enhancing air quality, and preserving the aesthetic value of the community. They often require permits for tree removal, stipulate fines for unauthorized cutting, and mandate the planting of new trees in certain circumstances.

Individuals and businesses in towns in Atlanta are generally required to adhere to these ordinances. Homeowners need to be aware of these regulations before undertaking any construction or landscaping project that might impact trees on their property. Similarly, businesses, especially those engaged in construction or property development, must comply with tree ordinances to avoid legal repercussions and contribute positively to the local environment. Adhering to these guidelines not only aligns with legal requirements but also supports the broader goal of environmental conservation and community well-being.

Permit Required: Yes (For Land Disturbance)


If you are doing any major land work and plan to remove trees, you must submit a plan to replant trees in the place of those being removed. Healthy trees may not be removed from any protected zones unless there is documentation of economic hardship or dead, dying, diseased or hazardous trees.

Dead Trees
Dead trees shall not be allowed to exist or to be maintained on any premises which are hazardous to persons on the adjacent property. A finding by a registered forester or certified arborist (as contracted by a person on adjacent property) shall constitute prima facie evidence that a tree is in danger of falling upon adjacent lots or public streets due to the death of the tree. In the event that the tree is found to be dangerous by the registered forester or certified arborist, the property owner shall be responsible for 50 percent of the cost of such registered forester or certified arborist.

There must be a total site density factor of no less than 15 units per acre. For more information and specifications about the Cobb County Tree Ordinance and permitting process, please visit their website.

Fee: None

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Need help with Ordinances?
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