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Tree Removal Services

Whether you need emergency tree removal in Marietta, GA, or are looking for a reliable tree removal company, we've got you covered. Our services ensure safety and efficiency, minimizing impact on your landscape.

Tree Trimming And Pruning

Enhance the health and aesthetics of your trees with our professional tree pruning and trimming services in Marietta. Our team ensures your trees are cared for with precision and expertise.

Plant Healthcare

Trust us for top-notch tree fertilization services to keep your trees thriving. Our certified arborists in Marietta, GA, are experts in maintaining tree health and vitality.

Arborist Consultation

Our certified arborists have the training and experience to explain how and, more importantly, why a certain type of work is recommended.

Storm Damage

Sometimes it is difficult to find a tree removal service during a natural disaster, or when you need one due to randomly fallen trees caused by rain, but we always rush to help and we give priority treatment to all people affected by storm damage.

Green Waste

Atlanta Arbor’s Green Waste Division offers its customers a hauling service like no other. Not only do we pick up and haul away all of your larger-than-life trunk pieces, we also take care of any other necessary clean-up and debris removal.

Free Mulch Delivery

Enhance your landscape while promoting soil health with our free mulch delivery service, a sustainable solution from Atlanta Arborist
Free Mulch Delivery

Tree Reduction

Tree reduction involves selectively cutting back a tree's branches and canopy to decrease its overall size. This technique is distinct from tree topping or thinning as it focuses on reducing the tree's height and spread while maintaining its natural form
The Atlanta Arbor team carrying out tree reduction services

Tree Thinning

Atlanta's urban landscapes thrive with well-maintained trees, and tree thinning is vital to this upkeep.
Atlanta Arbor Team carrying out Tree Thinning

Atlanta Arbor puts the safety of your property and people first and foremost

About us
Our job is to do it right and to do it well

Welcome to Atlanta Arbor Tree Care Specialist, LLC, where your landscape’s health and beauty are our top priority. As a dynamic team in Marietta, GA, we bring over 30 years of combined expertise in tree care services.

Our founder, Josh Marotta, has shaped a company that stands for meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of arboriculture, and a commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

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Absolutely amazing experience
Absolutely amazing experience with Atlanta Arbor from start to finish. I called Josh the morning after a large lightning strike - he was extremely responsive and had one of his arborists out immediately to assess the damage and come up with a plan. The work was completed quickly, professionally and at what I felt was a fair price. They also dealt with the permit and all communication with the city, which can be a huge headache. Highly recommend Atlanta Arbor to anyone in need of tree care services. We’re happy to have found our new arborist and will absolutely use them again.
Kate Beiser Connolly
The best price & service
Arborist came out to inspect the trees in my yard. After we talked about everything, he walked the yard, took photos, and sent me the estimate with the pictures snd referencing what he picture was. The crew worked quickly, even blowing all the leaves. I had 3 estimates for the work ranging from $6500 to $11,500. There price was the best.
Carolyn Benkowitz
Professional, prompt with great communication
Nick and his team did a great job on our backyard. They were professional and prompt with great communication at every step. They removed five compromised or dead trees. They also brought in a forestry mower and really opened up some space in our backyard by clearing the brush. The difference is amazing! We are so inspired as we look at our clean slate and open spaces.
Morgan Lepard
Special care for our oldest trees
Atlanta Arbor has been providing professional care for our giant 200+ oak tree for several years now. Clearly a tree that old is very special and rare and we don't trust its care to just anyone, and they help keep it vibrant and beautiful with annual inspections and a health plan. When ever we have needed Atlanta Arbor for any tree related issue they have been right there. Couldn't be happier to work with them.
Amy Hale
Atlanta Arbor does amazing work!
Atlanta Arbor does amazing work! Especially Ty, he's the best and friendliest specialist who will come out to survey your yard for you! They work with you as far as cost goes and are very accommodating. I will definitely be scheduling Atlanta Arbor for any future yard and/or tree service that I need!
Maggie Thomas
We had a great experience working with Atlanta Arbor!
We had a great experience working with Atlanta Arbor! They explained all of our choices and were very professional. Highly recommend them. Ryan was great and easy to work with. We love our new backyard! Thank you
Kirsten Larson
Super friendly and knowledgeable service
The easiest tree removal process! Ryan was fantastic to work with - he was able to answer all of my questions and advised me on which trees to prioritize. AA handled all the permitting and the trees were cut down safely and carried away so I was left with a clean yard. Super friendly and knowledgeable service- I will definitely be calling them again!
Kate Perry
Atlanta Arbor offers superior service
Atlanta Arbor is the best of the best when it comes to tree care services. They’ve completed 2 major projects for us in the past 2 years, removing, pruning, and fertilizing a variety of large trees close to our house. From the initial consultation with their very knowledgeable arborist Kyle, to the final cleanup by the meticulous crew, every detail was flawless. Atlanta Arbor went above and beyond to perform the broad scope of work we requested. Despite the 90-degree heat, the crew completed each task like a well-organized precision team. They were incredibly skilled at removing large branches and trees close to the house without damaging our property. We highly recommend them.
Marie Hicks
My first choice for tree care
From start to finish, Atlanta Arbor offers superior service. Since having a very large, very old oak fall on my house, I've been a believer in regular tree maintenance. Ty Phillips, the certified arborist with Atlanta Arbor, provided the information I needed to make decisions about the trees on my property. He was professional, knowledgeable, and practical. The crew of three arrived on time. It was easy to communicate with the foreman in English. They were all skilled, hard-working, and professional. I was impressed by how they worked together as a team. I'm not an expert, but it looked like they all had proper gear - helmets, ear protection, ropes and equipment in good condition. The chipper was able to handle large diameter branches and trunks and produced a fine mulch (no big chunks). They left my property in better condition than it was when they arrived. Pricing was very reasonable, and the company carries liability insurance. This is the second time I've chosen Atlanta Arbor, and they will remain my first choice for tree care next time.
Michele Ritan

Brookhaven Tree Ordinances

* This is a page created by Atlanta Arbor for informational purposes. If you need tree trimming in call us, if you need help with a tree ordinance in , call the city’s number which we have conveniently listed on this page in purple.

Permit Required: Yes

If you are cutting more than five non-specimen living trees 8″ DBH or more from one property; trees with less than 8″ DBH may be removed from a single-family residential property without a Tree Canopy Reduction Notice as long as a Density Factor of 50 DBH per acre is maintained. (No permit needed for dead/dying trees.) Click here for the City of Brookhaven’s Tree Removal Permit.

Specimen Trees:

    • >=26″ DBH – Hardwood/softwood Trees Including Oak, Beech, Ash, Blackgum, Sycamore, Hickory, Maple, Pecan, Walnut, Persimmon, Sourwood, Cedar, Cypress, Or Redwood

    • >= 30″ DBH -Hardwood Trees Including – Tulip Poplar, Sweet Gum, Magnolia, River Birch, Or Silver Maple

    • >=10″ DBH – Understory Trees Including – American Holly, Dogwood, Redbud, Cherry, Or Another Genus Of Understory Trees Indigenous To The City


A letter from a Certified Arborist with photos, lot size, and identification of remaining trees is required. For more information about the specifications of the Tree Ordinance and Tree Preservation and Replacement in Brookhaven, please visit their website.

Fee: No

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Tree Statistics for Brookhaven, Georgia

In 2010, DeKalb County in Georgia, USA, boasted 29.7 thousand hectares of natural forest, comprising 44% of its total land area. However, by 2022, DeKalb suffered substantial forest loss, amounting to 182 hectares, responsible for 79.8 kilotons of CO₂ emissions.

Between 2001 and 2022, DeKalb’s tree cover shrunk by 3.70 thousand hectares, marking a 9.7% drop since 2000 and resulting in 1.27 Megatons of CO₂ equivalent emissions.

Assessing the period between 2000 and 2020, DeKalb underwent a net gain of 328 hectares (0.64%) in tree cover. Although 2.11 thousand hectares were gained, 1.79 thousand hectares were lost, leaving an area of 1.97 thousand hectares disturbed.

The aforementioned gain of 2.11 thousand hectares equates to 0.24% of Georgia’s total tree cover increase during the same period.

In 2000 figures, DeKalb’s land comprised of 53% tree cover, with the natural forest, plantations, and other land covering 37.4 thousand hectares, 963 hectares, and 31.7 thousand hectares, respectively.

Common trees in Brookhaven, Georgia

Loblolly Pine

A photo of Loblolly Pine in Acworth Georgia

This pine, prevalent in Brookhaven, DeKalb County, has long green needles and produces large cones. It’s a resilient species that can reach about 115 feet high.

Southern Red Oak

A photo of Southern Red Oak Tree in Acworth, Georgia

Common in the DeKalb region, this deciduous tree is known for its beautiful red fall foliage. It produces acorns and can grow up to 80 feet.

Flowering Dogwood

A photo of Flowering Dogwood Tree in Acworth, Georgia

A small, ornamental tree found in Brookhaven, it’s well-known for its showy white flowers in spring. Although its maximum height is around 30 feet, it’s a standout in any landscape.

Red Maple

A photo of Red Maple growing in John's Creek Georgia

A fixture in DeKalb County, it grows up to 70 feet tall and is known for its vibrant red foliage in fall. In spring, it produces red flowers and a fruiting body called a samara.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What specific tree services does Atlanta Arbor offer?

Atlanta Arbor offers a wide range of tree services including tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, and emergency storm cleanup. Our experienced team can handle everything from small residential projects to large commercial tree jobs.

Can I request a free quote for tree services from Atlanta Arbor?

Yes, Atlanta Arbor provides free and accurate price quotations for all of our tree services. You can contact our team to schedule an appointment, and we will assess your tree situation and provide a detailed estimate.

How does Atlanta Arbor handle emergency tree services?

Atlanta Arbor provides 24/7 emergency storm damage cleanup. If a tree has fallen or is causing a danger due to a storm or other emergency, our team can promptly arrive to safely handle the situation.

What measures does Atlanta Arbor take to ensure its tree services are sustainable?

Atlanta Arbor values sustainability as one of its core principles. We always aim to preserve and care for trees whenever possible, and when removal is necessary, we ensure all debris is properly recycled or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

With over 30 years of experience, how does Atlanta Arbor ensure its professionalism in providing tree services?

Our team at Atlanta Arbor is composed of certified arborists who undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest tree care techniques and safety protocols. We take pride in delivering a high standard of service and professionalism in all our projects.

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